5 Things I Wish ‘Single & Ready To Mingle’ Guys Would Stop Doing

intelligent woman1. Stop wanting to meet an intelligent woman that you can connect with if you are going to get cold feet within 24 hours of meeting her. Every guy these days whines about meeting women who they don’t find intellectually stimulating. But when they meet someone with whom they have a brilliant conversation and a great time, they make a run for it the very next morning. Please know that an intelligent woman also has a very strong emotional quotient. We are demanding because we can give as much in return as well. And if you can’t handle our intensity and passion for life don’t bother poking the tigress #puntotallyintended!

Commitment Phobic2. Stop hiding behind ‘I’m commitment phobic’. Nobody is sending you to jail. And relationships don’t happen overnight. So If you did connect with a girl who is single, at least allow yourself to get to know her. Also, please be honest about what you like or don’t like. A genuine and strong woman is not going to fry you alive for needing space or having friends. And can we please do away with all those stereotypes we have in our head about what relationships are supposed to be like. If you think the woman’s going to “curb your freedom” don’t be with her. But don’t create habits by being untrue to yourself that you can’t sustain. Trust me when I say, we strong women don’t have patience for drama.

Philophobia3. Stop being emotionally unavailable and yet want to ‘unsingle’ yourself. When we meet men we are truly interested in, we like to know what we are getting ourselves into. We have no interest in fixing you or your life. We are not looking for a DIY project. We want a relationship that’s emotionally, intellectually and physically fulfilling. And for that you need to lay your cards out on the table just as we do.
4. Stop saying yes when you actually mean no. Yes, this isn’t something only women IMG_0420are guilty of. When you tell a woman “this is more than sex” and fall off the planet two days later you are doing the ‘I said yes but I meant no’ routine. Yes, we women are ok with casual sex or one night stands as long as we know that is what we are getting and nothing more. So don’t make promises you don’t intend on keeping when the hangover wears off. And if you genuinely do want to get to know us then back your words with some action… more than just the sexual kind.

Complicated5. Stop making us women seem so complicated. You guys are no less. If you have had bad relationships, so have we. Don’t say you want an independent woman who will have a life of her own and then run after the one who is clingy and oh-so needy. Your relationships are screwed up because you allow it to be that way. And so do we. It would be nice if both sexes had the balls to say it like it is and not allow the other to treat them in a manner they don’t like or feel stifled by. Also, it’s high time we both understood that it’s ok to ‘agree to disagree’ every now and then. Every battle doesn’t need to be fought and you can’t get to know someone by constantly looking for reasons to get out.


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