The King Of Pop Unmasked

Unmasked by Ian HalperinThank you Ian Halperin for putting all the proof about Michael Jackson’s innocence out there on paper. Like you I have met enough people who believed those accusations based on two things – one it involved a child and who or why would anyone lie about a crime of this nature; and two was Martin Bashir and that statement about sleeping in the same bed with a child who is not related to you being okay. But not one could quote any piece of evidence put out in any media. Let me also specify that most of these people have neither read all the reports nor have they followed either of the trials completely. Their belief tethered on pieces of information that came through Indian media and some pieces or videos circulating online. The only “big” source was the Martin Bashir interview.

Next time anyone calls him a pedophile, I will first happily slap them with your book – Unmasked – and then quote this excerpt from it:

What if Michael Jackson is innocent? That should be an obvious consideration, given our country’s “innocent until proven guilty” legal mantra, yet it’s a question worth special attention in the ongoing child molestation case against the King Of Pop.

I’m going to give a few reasons to believe in the King Of Pop’s innocence for those who don’t read at all. But first for those who do, pick this book for the detailed investigation and the clear picture it paints of a very troubled legend’s life towards it’s end, one who was a big part of our childhood.

3 reasons to read the book:

1. It lays out all facets of the child molestation charges in both cases. You are free to deduce your own conclusions as did the Author.

2. It speaks of his troubled personal life be it his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley or Debbie Rowe and his children.

3. It also gives you a peek into what it takes to be Michael Jackson, the King Of Pop and the vultures he failed to fend off.

Now coming to why I believe he is innocent of ever harming a child apart from my own gut and all the good he has always done for children:

1. Halperin, specialises in undercover investigations and has written nine books about many celebrities and life in Hollywood. As expected the book that claims to be about ‘The Final Years Of Michael Jackson’ investigates all of his legal troubles including the financial mess, changing appearance, physical illnesses and his mental state.

Michael Jackson Unmasked2. The author started out believing that the King Of Pop was guilty and so he went digging for all that would seal that belief. But he has in this book spelled out the extortion angle lead by the father of the supposedly molested kid in the first case filed in 1993. It also throws light on the supposed use of a banned drug on the child when he first told the father about Michael Jackson’s improper behaviour. Thirdly, transcripts show the conflict between the child’s statement and that of the father’s which had so many details the child never claims to have spoken. Apart from this there’s enough information about the prosecution’s case and all people involved.

3. He then tackles the question of why Michael Jackson settled in that case placing facts about the new lawyer as well as the insurance company’s involvement in settling the claim.

4. Nobody, the police, lawyers, journalists or Ian Halperin, could find any other kids other than the two that filed cases in 1993 and 2005 respectively, who would say they were molested by Michael Jackson. The famous ones and any others who were contacted always stood by his innocence.

5. The D.A. left the first case open because he was busy hunting for more kids to come forward and accuse Michael Jackson post the settlement news of the first case. It didn’t happen! Nobody came forward. He failed to find any proof… none existed!

6. In the 2005 case Michael Jackson was found “NOT GUILTY”. Also, the defense lawyers put out enough proof that questioned the credibility of the accusers and their accusations.

7. Ian Halperin also speaks of the unseen footage from the  Martin Bashir’s interview aired on Fox – The Michael Jackson Interview: The Footage You Were Never Meant To See. Bashir describes Michael Jackson’s act of sleeping with children as “nothing short of spiritual”. The mother of the second kid who accused him in the 2005 case of molestation, in this documentary said she was planning on suing the British journalist for taking “out of context” her kids relationship with Michael Jackson and that it he was like a father to her kids.

He was eccentric, crazy, self-destructive even. But he wasn’t evil. And sadly, so many of his fans turned on him without knowing all the facts. And in the end he moonwalked all alone to a very heart wrenching demise.

A child of the 90s, I’ve stayed up nights watching the Grammy’s and MTV Awards only to watch him perform. My brothers would practice all night just to get the moonwalk right and then I’d have to watch them perform. I still remember his magnificent concert here in Mumbai. And I still dash to the dance floor whenever any MJ track is played in the club lip syncing all the way. I will always love the King Of Pop and believe in him. And every time I say they don’t make music like that no more, it’s his track that’s on repeat in my heart.

P.S.: Thank you @HTBrunch for the #BrunchBookChallenge. This fabulous read was book no 6.


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