5 Things I Learnt From #BlogChat

I’m a sporadic blogger for whom it’s more of an interest than a full time or part time job/source of income. It’s no surprise then that my blog is about ‘this, that and everything in between’. However I love creating and sharing content. It could be about anything – a thought, provocative or not; helpful tips; things I’ve read and found interesting; my travel experiences – and the list could go on.

But I have been wanting to blog about my work as an Alternative Healing Practitioner and the one question that has kept me from writing about my experiences is – should it be under a category in my current blog or a new blog dedicated solely to this subject? This question was also my reason to follow and participate in #BlogChat today because here are some awesome tips and perspectives.

First to address the answers to my question… Thank you so much Amy Taylor (@NoMeatballs), Fadra Nally (@allthingsfadra), CuteFace ChubbyWaist (@UneekDiva).





I’m going to start with a category in my current blog and move it to a space of it’s own if the need arises. It may pose a problem of followers… But we’ll cross that bridge when we reach it. Can think of a few ways to deal with that hurdle, one of which could be reblogging. And of course, the idea of guest blogging given by Zully H (@zoolsterr)


Moving on from my troubles to those of others, here few interesting and helpful tweets about increasing the number of shares on your blogs by Mack Collier (@MackCollier) and Amy Taylor (@NoMeatballs)



And in reply to the perennial ‘how often should I publish posts on my blog?’ Ray Gordon (@RayJGordon) says –


But with sharing comes traffic and also followers. Yes in numerical terms the larger the number the better it’s considered. But Pam Moore (@PamMktgNut) does warn us about keeping an eye on quality over quantity.


And my final thanks to Amy Taylor (@NoMeatballs) again for the idea for this post.


I’ve linked every name and handle to their Twitter pages. For some wise words on blogging and social media, and some interesting tweets do follow them. Happy blogging!


One response to “5 Things I Learnt From #BlogChat

  1. Hi darling. I am glad that you were able to get some information. #BlogChat is one of the most useful tools I have discovered when it comes to blogging. Everyone is so helpful and open to sharing. Hope to see you again next week!

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