I Am Human

Three more innocent lives lost. Hate crime? Most likely. Deah Shaddy Barakat his wife, Yusor Mohammad and her sister, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha were just young, hopeful kids wanting to live their lives achieving their dreams. I am not going to tag them with any religion. Because that is not what they were all about.

In the aftermath, the Internet is flooded with statements like ‘in such situations a non-muslim is a murderer but a muslim is a terrorist’. And all I keep thinking why is religion becoming more and more important to people. Does it give them a sense of belonging? Does it make such an impact in their daily life to know that their religion (could be any religion) is the most superior and so called “true way” of living life a per God’s will?


This was a hate crime. Then we have the great Israel and Palestine… Fighting over borders in the name of religion and yes politics thrown into that. We did deal with the madness of Saddam Hussain in Iraq or the psycho-ness of Hitler. But hey, we haven’t learnt anything. In more recent times we had the Taliban and now ISIS. Oh, back home (that’s India) we have the Hindutva wave with Churches being burnt. And these are just few examples.

It doesn’t matter which religion you belong to. The bottom line is that ‘religion’ is the reason for the loss of so many innocent people. Yes, some may argue that no religion teaches violence or prejudice. And all religions are about peace. I agree. But religion cannot exist without followers. And in this world that’s us, human beings. At the end of the day people interpret and practice religion. And if you want to maintain the sanctity of the written word you may have to eradicate the human species completely.

So what’s the other option? Abolish all religions. No we can’t take all those fat books and throw it out. It won’t help. We need to do it individually. Mind you, I am not asking people to become atheists. But belief in God or faith in the Universe has nothing to do with religion. I could be Muslim, Christian, Jew, Sikh, Hindu or just human.


Being human is the one religion that stop this madness. I’m asking you to rethink the reasons why your religion is so important to you.

Does it give you a sense of belonging?
Does it make you more of a human?
Does it give you access to a special kind of heaven?
Does it give you super powers?

I’m sure given the state of the world even the Gods (of all religions) are leaning towards making humanity the only religion that matters.


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