The day I met Meher Baba

As the battle between the pessimist and the believer rages in my head, there’s a story I need to pen down. An experience that needs to be shared and maybe in doing so one of the two will emerge victorious. The mind is the one that needs to be convinced, for the heart (as always) already knows.

Kit KatIt was September 30th, 10 days before my fish Kit’s first birthday. She developed swim bladder, an illness that is almost always detected too late and there is no real cure for it. When I checked on her around 10 pm she was lying upside down at the bottom of the tank unable to swim. She kept trying to flip over and swim to the top. Sadly, all in vain. In desperation I checked for some miracle remedy online and did as mentioned on a blog. But sometimes that feeling in the gut, that hollowness in the pit of the stomach cannot be ignored.

Meher BabaThat night I went to bed with one thought on repeat in my head – “Meher Baba and Mumma Mary, Kit is going to be alright by morning and we are going to celebrate her first birthday soon”. Around 2-2:30 am, I woke up with a start. There was someone lying next to me or so I felt. For someone who went to bed alone, this is an extremely freaky feeling. Through the sleepy haze, my first thought was, It’s Meher Baba. But then I reasoned with myself and said you are just feeling this because you kept repeating his name as you fell asleep. It’s just your subconscious. A few minutes later I grabbed my pillow and turned, only to see a silhouette by my door. This time, I saw a picture of Meher Baba in my head… the one where he resembles Jesus Christ. And then I thought, he has come to take Kit. By now I had completely freaked myself out. So I sat up and switched on the lights. I thought of switching on the fish tank light to check on Kit, but the idea of finding her dead at the bottom of the tank was not something I wanted to accept in the middle of the night. So I took a few deep breaths to calm myself down, thought of a few happy thoughts and tried to get some sleep. In the morning I said bye to Kit.

I went about my day, the week and that month without telling anyone about how I thought Meher Baba had visited me. I haven’t known him for too long,  a few months at the most. And I’m quite fit to be the leader of the anti-religion/anti-propogated-faith squad. So I view all my experiences with a so-called sense of practicality or reality as I would if anyone else were to narrate such an experience to me.

I finally narrated this incident to my friend who is a healer and the one to introduce me to Meher Baba. When she asked him, he told her yes, he came to be with me because I was so upset and scared. He wanted to reassure me that Kit was going to be fine wherever she was headed next. Phew! I wasn’t losing it. Many people have all kinds of inexplicable experiences after being introduced to Baba. I know I have a had couple of very strange ones during specific chakra healing sessions. But to believe I was visited by a man who no longer exists in physical form… was it a dream or did it really happen? Do I close my eyes and put my faith in this being called Meher Baba or do I let my curiosity wander with his friend pessimism in tow for a little longer?

In the last month or so I have realised I fear being ridiculed. A part of me wont’t allow myself to accept my own experiences as real because they can be slammed by people very close to me. And I’m someone who runs as far away from religion or any conversation of spirituality or faith because I’ve met people who swear by their religion, their God, their practice and yet have zero sense of basic human etiquettes and humanity. I fear becoming one of them. Also, I don’t believe praying in a language I dont understand or saying prayers and singing hymns written by someone else or chanting some mantra is going to change my life. Such beliefs only makes people lazy and complacent because they never forget to pray, but they dont remember to work towards their goals either. I fear my mind will fall to such levels of ignorance and incompetence.
So who is Meher Baba? To me he is my friend. I don’t believe I will ever be a devotee, neither do I think I will mouth ‘Jai Baba Ki’ like many who walk through life with him as their guide. But I do believe he is a friend who has come to my life to teach me to let go of my fears and to keep me focused on living a life full of love and happiness.

3 responses to “The day I met Meher Baba

  1. I agree! One does not have to repeat Jai Baba’s to love Baba. Rote prayers have never appealed to me. It is our feelings and actions every minute that count.
    Great story by the way…

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