Grey’s Musical Anatomy

Meredith, McDreamy, Christina, Owen and the late Lexie and Mark Mcsteamy Sloan, just few of the reasons why I’m so addicted to Grey’s Anatomy. But the list definitely doesn’t end there. A major part of this list is filled with songs that made for an awesome soundtrack season after season. I discovered some really nice bands and tracks including Snow Patrol, Mat Kearney, Bon Iver and The Fray. I have my own playlist of Grey’s Anatomy favourites on YouTube. It’s a selection of 30 odd songs from seasons 1 to 9. And I’m by no way done with it… still adding songs as I watch Season 9 (I’m on episode 4 as I write this).

Here are a few of my most favourite tracks from Grey’s Anantomy:

Entwined by Tim Myers

Watching You Watch Him by Eric Hutchinson

Addicted by Morgan Page featuring Greg Laswell

Looking For You Again by Matthew Perryman Jones

I Won’t Back Down by Benjamin Francis Leftwich

P.S.: I haven’t forgotten the usual suspects… Chasing Cars, How To Save A Life and Into The Fire are a part of the playlist on YouTube. Happy listening!


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