A Crossfire Casualty

Gideon Cross and Eva Tramell lust for each other’s love and love being in lust with each other. If there was ever a couple that epitomized the cliche “we are good for each other; what do they know?” it’s these two. Author Sylvia Day‘s recently released book 2 from her Crossfire Series, Reflected In you picks up where book 1 ,  Bared To You ends. It’s like the first book never ended. Having said that, I enjoyed Bared To You much more than Reflected By You.

Bared To You begins with Eva Tramell falling (literally) for Gideon Cross. What’s gripping from page 1 is that the attraction is both ways. Both characters are just as twisted with abusive pasts. I don’t know what the boys would think about Eva, but Sylvia Day’s Gideon Cross would give any Greek God a run for his money! She has sketched one of the most handsome and intriguing men in the romance genre. And her description is so vivid that readers can actually pick out guys or rather pictures of guys that resemble Cross. My personal favourite Cross look-alike is  Henry Cavill.

Book 1 doesn’t have any great plot as such. It’s a simple love story about two complicated people. Sylvia Day ensures that both her characters are equals. Eva gives just as good as she gets unlike the stereotypical needy heroines of this genre. A few days ago I read a tweet about how romance novels set unrealistically high expectations. Unfortunately with the Crossfire series this is so true. Gideon Cross has a huge “Approach at your own risk” sign on him, but boy does he know how to treat his woman! And he has unfortunately ruined it for all men out there.

Bared To You is about Eva and Gideon discovering themselves and holding on to their relationship . But Reflected In You is about the two fighting for that obsessive love and insatiable lust they are both capable of. I did not like the first half of book 2 because it made both these characters seem like horny teenagers who could not get a grip on their hormones. But half way through, the plot took a turn and I just kept going through the pages till I reached the end. Eva who seemed strong and feisty struggles with her ‘need’ to be loved by Gideon; she’s a bundle of nerves because she can’t seem to figure out what he’s up to. Gideon doesn’t make it any easier, giving her all kinds of mixed signals.  But towards the end just when all is going to be revealed, she comes back as Eva from Bared To You. Phew! What a relief that was. It would have been terrible if she turned out to be just another stereotypical, giddy headed, love-sick chica. And that last scene, left me craving for part 3 – Entwined With You. Thankfully that’ll be out in December… not too far away.

One thing I have to say is that reading a romance series like Crossfire is just as much fun as following my favourite shows… waiting for the new season to be aired… waiting for the next book to be released… watching characters and relationships grow.


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